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Catherine Lanett Hamilton was born May 5, 1969 in Thomaston Georgia to the parents of Mr. Charles M. Buffin and Ms. Violet Mae Ogletree, her mother moved to Atlanta were she was raised since the age of 3 by her mother and step-father Nathaniel Ogletree Jr whom her mother married. 

Catherine is Founder and President of Save a Life 4 Christ Outreach Ministry, Inc and We Care about the Children Mentoring Program. She was called by God and licensed into Ministry July 31st 2005 by Pastor Reginald Stargell of Life Savers Ministries, Inc and ordained November 2010. Catherine is a Mother, Teacher, Preacher, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Writer, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian

Ms. Hamilton graduated from Charles Lincoln Harper High School in Atlanta Georgia May 1987. After graduating High School Catherine went on to join the United States Army where she served at Fort Carson, Colorado as a Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic and a Maintenance Management Clerk in A Co 64th Support Battalion. Catherine Hamilton has received medical training and is a Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Patient Care Technician working formerly with Oncology and Sickle cell patients. She has studied Nursing and Business Management and has worked with Cobb County School System since 2007 as a substitute teacher in all subjects and grades. She is also CEO of Hamilton Consulting Firm LLC. She loves reading, writing, traveling and singing. Her favorite quote is: “When you find the job you love, you will never work again” and helping people is the job she loves.

Save a Life 4 Christ Outreach Ministry, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. Save a Life 4 Christ Outreach Ministry, Inc provides life coaching, marital and family counseling, alcohol/drug abuse counseling, youth social services, employment skill training/job assistance, food pantry, clothing closet, financial assistance, homeless/elderly/battered women/children and prison outreach ministry.

We Care about the Children Mentoring Program provides support and guidance to youths in Cobb County and the Atlanta Metropolitan Area Schools, Juvenile Court Systems and, Foster Care. The program mentors youth with behavior disorders ages 13-18 (boys & girls) by encouraging, equipping, empowering, and enterprising them to reach their full potential in life academically and socially. We Care about the Children Mentoring Program’s goal is to foster a commitment to young people that will promote friendships, strong interpersonal skills and, reassert a sense of hope in their future. 

Minister Hamilton is currently writing a book entitled, “My journey through life and my experiences from the Pew to the Pulpit” and “At the Hands of a Man” (how to overcome depression from bad relationships).  

About Us
Save a Life 4 Christ Outreach Ministry Inc was founded July 2005. Save a Life 4 Christ Outreach Ministry, Inc provides Life Coaching, Marital, Indvidual and Family Counseling, Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counseling, Youth Social Services, Employment skill training/job assistance, Food pantry, Clothing closet, Financial assistance, Homeless/elderly/battered women/children and Prison outreach ministry. 
We Care about the Children Mentoring Program was founded January 2011. We Care about the Children Mentoring Program provides support and guidance to youths in the Cobb County and Atlanta Metropolitan area and surrounding counties. We mentor At-risk youth, Kids In Distressed, Juveniles, Foster Children and Elementary/Middle/High School students who have a behavior disorder.

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